are you Ready to step into your boundaries?

Have you longed to break free from guilt, people-pleasing, and the exhaustion of caring for everyone else's needs (but your own)?  

Are you tired of sinking under the weight of everyone else's problems, giving to the point of burn-out, or being trapped in codependent relationship patterns and toxic relationship drama? 

If so, you’re not alone, my friend.

Being everything-to-everyone has its price. The constant guilt, the never-ending need to please, and the fear of causing conflict are so draining, both emotionally and mentally. 😓

What if you could continue being your beautiful compassionate self, but only carry that which truly belongs to you? How much lighter might that feel?

Isn't it time to let go of burdens that were never supposed to be yours to carry?

As an empathic-feeler, you easily pick up on other people's pain and take it on yourself in the hopes of making things better...but all that does is weigh you down, leaving you depleted and hurting.

As a compassionate-hearted person, you regularly find yourself carrying the burdens of everybody else, leaving little time left to tend to your own wants and needs.  After all, wouldn't paying attention to yourself be... selfish?

As a loyal-lover, you frequently find yourself entangled or stuck in relationships that are toxic or hurtful to you, yet your compassionate and devoted nature makes it difficult to know where to draw the lines.

As a helper-fixer-giver, you're the perpetual "yes" person, even if it means twisting yourself into knots to keep everyone happy. It's hard for you to say 'no' to someone, for fear of letting someone down.   

any of these sound familiar?

Why has all of this been SO hard? 
(Hint: It’s not your fault).

for knowing EXACTLY where the boundary lines are in ANY situation -- so you can begin applying boundaries without
guilt, confusion, and shame.

imagine having a simple formula

Isn't it time to set down the heavy burden of not knowing where the boundary lines are? Our fundamental boundary confusion leads soooo many of us kind-hearted folks to carry a great deal of pain and responsibility (that was never even ours in the first place).

Whether your primary boundary problems are with romantic partners, family, friends, or the workplace, you’ll gain radical clarity on where you start and stop (your boundaries) and learn to apply this information so that you can begin setting honor-based boundaries right away in your every-day life.

Using my signature boundaries clarifying tool, my clients become empowered to start setting boundaries that feel good to their compassionate heart, in ways that are loving, respectful, and kind. With this, you’ll quickly decipher what’s yours and what’s not, what lines (if any) are being crossed, what’s within your sphere of power, and what to do about it in a way that honors all parties involved. 

your boundaries 101 class contains:

7 Eye-Opening Boundary Lessons
Buckle up, my friend, because you’re about to see your boundaries at a tectonic-plate-level with clarity like never before.  This 101 class contains deep-diving content that comes straight from Week 1 of the larger 8-Week Beautiful Boundaries Bootcamp Intensive

If you've been longing for a heart-centered understanding of boundaries, along with practical doable strategies to put directly into practice, look no further.  At the end of these seven power-packed lessons, you’ll walk away with a toolbox of nuanced tools, radical clarity about your boundaries, and ways you can use your new tools in variety of settings (including situations both simple and complex).  

A Practical Companion Workbook
In addition to getting 8 weeks of access to the online course content (plenty of time to complete the 2+hour curriculum!), you’ll also receive a practical companion workbook (in downloadable PDF form) that you can use to take notes, view all your new tools at-a-glance, and reflect further with journaling exercises and activities designed to let the wisdom you’ve learned sink even more deeply into your brain and body. This is a resource you can keep forever and pull out whenever you need a little refresher. 

No-Nonsense (Foundational) Boundary Tools that can Go the Distance 
For just $197 $97, you’ll gain access to foundational boundary tools that bring boundaries to life in a fun, creative, and practical way.  Molly has had clients from over 10 years ago (!!) tell her, “Hey, remember that boundaries tool you showed me? I still use it at least once a week!”  These are truly tools that can be used for LIFE.  

AAAAAND IT'S CURRENTLY ON SALE!!!  For a limited time only, Molly's Signature Boundaries 101 Class is available to you for only $97!  

Graduates of Molly's full 8-week bootcamp routinely say that the first module ALONE was worth the full price of the bootcamp ($1,999), regularly citing it as life-changing. Now you can enjoy the first module for yourself in the form of this powerful stand-alone class, Boundaries 101.  Enjoy no-nonsense boundaries tools you can apply right away.  

welcome to Boundaries 101:
my Personal BOUNDAriES Blueprint

for Breaking Free from the Cycle of Guilt, People-Pleasing, & Toxic Relationship Drama

“Molly has a gift of translating what it means to have healthy boundaries in such a magical way that it moves from an intellectual understanding in your head to an emotional understanding in your heart.”

“Once you learn that you already HAVE boundaries and that the core of your being is inherently boundaried, you can't unsee these boundaries. It feels like a TON of weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe again.”

Ruth Shares:

And Terri Adds:

"These are teachings that catalyze transformation!"

"It’s nice to be told by others that I have impressive boundaries, and I always say, ‘Well, it’s thanks to Molly Davis!’” 

Reflections from Sam:

"Omg, Molly.  

I've listened to this three times? four times?  Once last night and three times just now.  I'm sitting here weeping.

You're doing something wonderful -- something bigger than you -- like you're a catalyst or something..."

Module 1 Words from Sasha:

clients say it best!

Lesson 1: Welcome to Your Blueprint -- My #1 Tool for Discerning the Boundary Lines in Any Situation
Get access to my signature boundaries tool – a deceptively simple way to map out where you start and stop and identify boundary lines in a variety of situations, including with family and/or partners.

Lesson 2: Permission to Be You -- How to Uncover & Start Respecting Your Own Internal Boundaries
Learn how to uncover and honor your innate internal boundaries, so that you can begin operating from your rich, unique, and beautiful center of power.

Lesson 3: When Lines Are Crossed -- Understanding Boundary Violations in Families & Groups
Deepen your understanding of complex or nuanced boundary violations (the kind that often occur in family or group settings), so you can begin addressing them from a place of honor for all (including yourself!).

Lesson 4: The Compassionate Heart’s Formula for Sustainable Giving
Discover a simple “boundaries math” formula for helping, giving, and loving in a sustainable way that does good for others without leading you down the path of misery, self-sacrifice, and burnout. 

Lesson 5: The Key to Boundaries in Romantic Relationships
Join me in debunking one of the biggest (and most unboundaried!) romantic relationship myths out there -- and the counterintuitive truth that leads to much richer, more respectful, and mutually satisfying relationships.

Lesson 6: The Six Levels of Intimacy -- Your Guilt-Free Guide to Invitational & Protective Boundaries
Step into your power with this visual framework for discerning the degree of closeness that is safe and healthy for you across different relationships, so you can set your boundaries accordingly, enjoy greater intimacy, and safeguard your own emotional well-being.

Lesson 7: The Mother of All Boundary Scripts for this Foundational Framework for Honor-Based Boundary Setting
Use the tools you’ve gathered practically to analyze the boundary lines in any situation and discover a deeply honoring rubric for communicating your boundaries to others in ways that feel good to your heart.

7 Powerful Boundary lessons:

Your Investment for Boundaries 101 is only $197 $97!
Enjoy $100 off for a limited time.

My name is Molly Davis, and I’m the woman behind the cartoons and the creator of the Beautiful Boundaries Bootcamp. You mightttt be wondering: Who am I to be teaching other people about boundaries? 

Well, to start, the lessons in the bootcamp have roots in my experiences as a professional counselor, including a master’s degree in Community Mental Health; certifications/training in IFS, EMDR, and art therapy; and a range of experiences working with substance use, trauma and mental health, and couples counseling in a variety of settings, including running my own thriving private therapy practice (with a 1-2 year wait list!). 

Buuuuut the truth is that the real heart and soul of this program comes most profoundly from my personal experiences as an empathic, loyal, compassionate person who spent many years struggling with boundaries until I was completely burned out, exhausted, and miserable.

(So, when I say “I feel you,” I. mean. it.)

When enough was enough, and I knew it was time for a change, I decided it was well past time to figure this “boundaries” thing out. What I discovered along this path changed my life forever, and I’ve since made it my life’s mission to share it with other compassionate-hearted people who, like myself, require softer, gentler, heart-centered methods to transform from the inside out. 🦋✨

It’s my joy and honor to lead you to the door of your boundaried empowerment.

OK, But What if I LOVE it (and Want to Go Deeper Afterward)?

If you end up loving Boundaries 101, qualify for the bootcamp, and decide you want even MORE tools designed to catalyze your beautifully boundaried transformation, I have some great news for you, my friend! 

After taking my 101 class, you will be invited to apply the $97 you spent toward my full-length, 8-week live coaching program: The Beautiful Boundaries Bootcamp. Since the 101 class contains the exact same content as the bootcamp’s first module, if you're accepted into the bootcamp, you’ll be able to seamlessly slide right into the rest of the lessons without missing a beat.

For that reason, my 101 course is a great low-risk way to both a) add some seriously powerful tools to your boundaries toolbelt, and b) test out whether you like my teaching style or not before applying for the bootcamp intensive.

If you decide to upgrade to the bootcamp, your $97 won’t be wasted!  And if you decide you’ve got everything you need after taking the 101 course, then you’ll still walk away with more than your money’s worth. In short, it’s a win-win! 🎉  

So why not?  It's time to say hello to using your voice, stepping into your power, and coming home to yourself.

hi there.  i'm molly,

Founder and CEO of Boundaried Coaching.

Boundaries 101:
frequently asked questions

Have questions?  We've got answers!  Click on the plus symbols below to learn more: 

How much time will I have to complete this course?

The Boundaries 101 online class is broken up into 7 on-demand video trainings that, in total, will take about 2+ hours total to complete (plus whatever additional time you choose to spend completing journaling exercises and activities using the companion workbook).  Most participants complete the course within one week.  You'll retain access to the course content itself for 8 weeks so that you can go back over the trainings multiple times, if desired. Additionally, the companion workbook is a downloadable PDF (so you'll get to keep it forever).  

I have taken some of Molly's live workshops in the past. Is this course similar? 

Nope! This is brand-new content.

Molly has given away a lot of great tools in some of her live workshops, but this is the FIRST TIME EVER she is offering her signature foundational boundaries tools (the exact tools she teaches in the first module of her 8-week bootcamp) outside of the bootcamp program.

If you've been looking for tectonic-plate-level boundaries tools that are immediately applicable, nuanced, practical, and actionable, look no further! 

I am considering taking the larger bootcamp program but I'm still on the fence.  Is the 101 class something I should consider or not?   

If you already know that the full bootcamp program with live coaching is what you want, then we recommend skipping 101 and going straight to booking a bootcamp application call with Molly.  Please click here for the bootcamp application form (currently only available for women but we're working on a version that will be available for all - stay tuned).

However, if you've felt a pull towards Molly's 8-week bootcamp intensive buuuuuut still aren't quite sure if you want to take the leap, we've found that signing up for Boundaries 101 is a wonderful way to find out!  

Since Boundaries 101 is essentially the full content from the first module of the 8-Week Beautiful Boundaries, starting here is a great choice to test the waters and see if you like Molly's teaching style and her rich, deep-diving, and creative approach to boundaries.

At the end of the course, you’ll have an option to upgrade to the live coaching bootcamp intensive.  If you qualify for the bootcamp and are accepted, you can even apply the $97 you spent on Boundaries 101 towards the cost of your bootcamp program.  In other words, Boundaries 101 is a great low-risk way to try out the bootcamp before going any further!