i help compassionate women set (and keep!)
healthy boundaries 

Any of these sound familiar?
We can help!

"I put everyone else's wants and needs BEFORE my own.  I don't even know what my needs are, anymore.  Plus, isn't it SELFISH to think about myself?"

"I frequently find myself STUCK in toxic or abusive relationships.  My sense of loyalty and my confusion (what are the boundaries for love, anyway?) makes it hard for me to leave..."

"I feel RESPONSIBLE for other people's moods, which means I'm always on alert (or walking on eggshells).  I'm supposed to keep everyone happy, right?"

"I feel GUILTY if I try to say no, even if I'm exhausted or worn-out.  Isn't it my job to help others and solve their problems?"

Can you relate?

Knowing how to set healthy boundaries naturally -- with clarity, confidence and organic ease!

Having a toolbox full of connective and pro-relational boundary skills (giving your relationships the best possible chance of success)!

Gaining boundaries for the inside, too -- powerful skills for setting boundaries with thoughts and emotions, including other people's feelings (vital for generous hearts, empaths, and helping professionals!)

Discovering what real self-worth is all about (and actually experiencing innate value through the preciousness of being)

Enjoying self-respect -- laying your head on your pillow at night with a sense of dignity about who you are and how you handled your day 

Becoming equipped with a powerful inner red-flag detector, able to spot abuse and toxic dynamics (and knowing what to do about them)

Joyfully taking up space, using your voice, and unapologetically creating a life of your choosing 


ON-DEMAND CLASS: 8 weekly modules full of power-packed trainings featuring transformative teachings, heart-centered exercises, connective relationship strategies, and practical boundary skills for a lifetime.  Flexible timing - watch on demand! 

LIVE WEEKLY COACHING : We dive into advanced boundary topics together (in real time) through 90-minute zoom sessions with Molly designed to create personalized applications unique to your situation, nurture your growth, and provide you with wise guidance every step of the way!  (Multiple time options available to work around your busy schedule)!

SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY: You're not alone!  Become part of a 24/7 intimate online global community of women committed to growth and change, all experiencing this deeply transformative journey together!  This includes 8 MORE (live!) 90-minute coaching calls with a Nurture Coach!

INCREDIBLE PRICING: Weekly Live Coaching with Molly, On-Demand Training, Tons of Practical Skills and Tools, and 24/7 Supportive Community. Pricing options start at just $249 a week (x 8)! 

What's Included:

Tangible, practical, clarity (at last): Boundaries made VISIBLE, doable, and actionable in ways that make sense (and even feel good) to compassionate, empathic, and loving hearts.  

Heart-centered boundaries: A dynamic, compassionate, and honor-based framework for living and loving. 

Pro-relational tools and scripts for warm invitational boundary-setting, nurturing and deepening healthy relationships while also offering struggling relationships a loving path forward.

Robust red-flag protection and abuse recovery practices: understand and detangle from dysfunctional, toxic, and/or abusive relationships, and become equipped with firm, protective, no-nonsense boundary tools for the future.

Connect with your inner boundaries system: unique and powerful practices for locating and listening to the powerful, intuitive, and wise guidance you already have deep within you. 

Internal boundaries for emotions (including the emotions of others -- so important for empaths!), natural self-worth, and other inside-out tools for deep personal growth and change.

Joyful self-discovery and self-leadership, the heart of becoming boundaried (and what lasting recovery from co-dependency and people-pleasing is all about): how to come home to yourself (the true transformation).

What to expect:

the beautiful boundaries bootcamp intensive

Want More Details? See the Full FAQ Below

Blushing Reviews

I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had with Mollys Beautiful Boundaries Bootcamp. It was exactly what I was needing for the season I was in. It is an intensive, so there is a lot of content in the 8 week course but it is organized in a way that makes it practical for anyone to fit into their busy schedule. The content itself is broken down in a way that encourages self love, curiosity, and compassion. Essentially, this course truly brings you back home to yourself. Which for me, was my goal in order to set healthy internal and external boundaries with myself and others. I’ve only just begun applying what I’ve learned but I’m so excited to keep up the growth! Thank you Molly. 

"I have spent many years in therapy and got some good advice on how to put out the fires that needed immediate tending in my life, but I kept having the same types of problem, repeating the same patterns.   

...I'm not sure I can even effectively describe the "tectonic plate shift" in my body/soul/world throughout this course and that is exactly what I have experienced... This is a life changing, intensive bootcamp -- not for the faint of heart, but for women with big hearts who know something isn't going quite right, and want to affect REAL CHANGE in their life NOW.  These are lifelong tools and resources that are well worth the investment.

"Friends, if you are ready for a revolutionary level of compassionate change in your life...this is your sign!!!  ...Intellectually I knew I was lacking healthy boundaries in my life--I knew how often I felt confused, hurt, weighed down, guilty--basically I wanted to have a remote to turn off my heart and feelings. Molly broke down boundary concepts and tools in such a fun and alive way that I experienced a deep core level growth in understanding and awareness.

Molly and Kristi exude light and compassion so brightly it is contagious. ...I will be forever grateful for Molly, Kristi, the content in the bootcamp and the lovely other souls I met in the process because I learned on a soul level how to walk in honor towards others and myself SIMULTANEOUSLY!!! It is nothing short of life changing. 

"Working my way deliberately through each weekly module, I slowly but surely learned and practiced setting and maintaining boundaries AND respecting the boundaries of others.  The lessons were so accessible and designed brilliantly in a scaffolded way.  Over the eight weeks I had many a-ha moments of insight into ME. I learned to love my inner core being... I learned to live and operate in the beautifully boundaried space where I mattered and others mattered. A space of honor, respect, and aloha (love, unconditional positive regard). All without compromising nor being a doormat..."   

Yes, let's talk!

Are You Ready?


As you can see from the reviews, graduates regularly report that their transformation doesn't stop after the 8-week program.  We believe that becoming boundaried is a doorway into a whole new way of living, much like a butterfly hatching from the cocoon is just getting started.  

Welcome to a new way of being, my friend. Your joyously empowered adventure awaits! 



We are all about TRUE empowerment, as in power that naturally flows from the core of being. Connecting you to your internal source of power and worth is at the heart of embodied living.

Becoming boundaried is all about coming home to the joyous sparkling being of Who You Are (at long last).  Endless beautiful and organic changes arise from there. 

Step 3: EASE


Time to get roll up our sleeves and get practical, baby!  Get ready for a toolbox full of do-able tools, skills, and concepts for setting heart-centered boundaries in your every-day life -- in ways that feel authentic and natural to your unique personality and generous nature!



We take boundaries out of the nebulous abstract, turning them into something visible, tangible, and doable. Buckle your seatbelt as we go on a deep dive into the tectonic plates of boundaries, building understanding from the foundation on up!  Aaaaaah.  Talk about feeling empowered!  Suddenly, boundaries for compassionate people aren't so complicated after all..   


Our Process

wanna see if you're a good fit?

You resonate with Molly's cartoons, sometimes feeling like they speak right to you!

You want actionable, practical, and doable boundary help specifically tailored for loving, empathic, and compassionate hearts

You are feeling excited about working with an expert guide who can show you exactly how to do this!

You know that you are absolutely DONE with the way things have been.  Nothing changes if nothing changes, right?

"The teachings of the bootcamp continue to work magic in my life.  One of the best investments I've ever made and I just wish I'd been able to do it earlier.  I send my thanks to you, Molly, every time I have a new insight or set a healthy boundary." 

"Today, I had the opportunity to calmly but firmly set a boundary with someone who has consistently shown lack of consideration for my wellbeing over many, many years.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to finally put myself and my needs first, but boy it's uncomfortable! I'm sitting with a whole lot of different feelings, from fear and anger to grief for how much I've suffered in the past through feeling unable to say, "No!"

...And surrounding these uncomfortable feelings is deep gratitude for the Boundaried Bootcamp.  It's probably the best investment I've ever made for myself and a gift that keeps on giving as time goes by." 

Bianca's Continued Transformation:

Robin, One Year Later:

"You are one of the most talented coaches I have ever met. 

Working with you has transformed my life in ways I could never have dreamed. (And it's only Week 3!)

Thank you for your beautiful energy and spirit." 

Week 3 Reflections from Jasmine:

"Omg, Molly.  

I've listened to this three times? four times?  Once last night and three times just now.  I'm sitting here weeping.

You're doing something wonderful -- something bigger than you -- like you're a catalyst or something..."

Week 1 Words from Sasha:

catalyzing Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions about the bootcamp

Have questions?  We've got answers!  Click on the plus symbols below to learn more: 

Can you tell me more about the on-demand bootcamp classroom?  

Your online bootcamp classroom is comprised of 8 weekly training modules.  Each module averages about 2 hours of rich boundaries teaching each week accompanied by a personalized check-in with Molly about your experience, including any reflections, applications, and questions.    

These are NOT typical or boring classes, so be warned ahead of time.  You'll be enjoying mind-expanding and paradigm-shifting teachings delivered in Molly's entertaining and engaging style. Doodling all over a whiteboard, Molly breaks down the tectonic plates of boundaries for you in a highly visual manner that deeply resonates with compassionate hearts! 

By the way, not only are these teachings paradigm-shifting -- they are also intensely practical. Each week's theme offers you useful exercises, skills, and tools that you can put to immediate use in your life right away, from practical boundary setting skills, to powerful relational tools, as well as incredible "inner-boundary" techniques and tips for inner thoughts and emotions (true game-changers for empaths, loyal loving hearts, and those who are helpers/fixers/givers)! 

Note: these are NOT just "lite" tools that will soon fade into the dust.  You are being given the exact tools that Molly uses herself on a regular basis.  Graduates of the program regularly express delighted surprise about how these tools go the distance, continuing to deepen in the months ahead, becoming more and more powerful over time! 

For example, bootcamp reviews that come in at the 8-week mark are amazing, yes, but the positive and unsolicited feedback that comes in 6-12 months after graduating???  Wowwwww!  

What happens on the live coaching calls with Molly? 

In addition to your 8 weeks of power-packed online class, you'll also enjoy 8 Live Coaching Calls with Molly, 90-minutes of rich and interactive boundaries work every single week!

During your coaching calls, you'll get the opportunity to check-in with Molly (getting questions answered, sharing reflections, and/or receiving specific boundaries guidance based on your current learning module) and then we deep-dive together in a small group format into a powerful boundaries topic relevant to empaths, loyal loving hearts, and helpers/fixers/givers.

Working together live means you get direct guidance from Molly in real time, including context-specific tips for your unique situation, tons of encouragement, experiential tools, and practical applications that speak directly to what you need.   

Calls are known for being interactive, fun, and engaging, all while diving into powerful and rich content!  Graduates frequently talk about how energizing, nourishing, and transformative their bootcamp calls with Molly were.  It's not uncommon for our time together to include lots of laughter, occasional healing tears (hey, we go deep!), loving community-support, and a deeply personalized learning experience -- all within a mere 90-minutes! 

8 Additional Bonus Coaching Calls: to top it off, all bootcamp participants are all given the opportunity to participate in 8 additional live coaching calls led by amazing program grads (who have been through the bootcamp a few years prior and are now living it every single day).  We call these Nurture Calls, as they are designed to nurture your beautiful bootcamp journey through community, providing rich discussion, thoughtful reflections, and heartfelt connection with others on the path. 

Many grads have said their Nurture Calls felt like getting a big hug every week -- a treasured and unexpected bonus experience of authentic community, healing friendships, and lasting bonds with amazing women from all around the globe!  

Will the live coaching calls work for my time zone and/or busy schedule?  What if I have to miss a week?  

Members of our bootcamp intensive come from aaaall across the globe, so we offer live calls that accommodate most time zones and schedules. 

Additionally, though this is an 8 week program, we give members 16 full weeks within which to do their 8 weeks. This is mainly because many taking the course are busy professionals, (physicians, attorneys, counselors), over-committed givers, and/or caregivers or moms (juggling 18 million kid activities, etc).  

We've intentionally woven flexibility into the program in order to make the experience rich, fun, meaningful, and hassle-free. 

What is the group size of the coaching calls?

In our intimate learning community, there is no such thing as being "just another face in the crowd."  One of Molly's favorite aspects of the program is being able to get to know and work personally with each member.  

Here, we pride ourselves on cultivating small-group community, with call sizes averaging between 4-8, committed to offering a personalized experience to each woman who joins us.  Knowing you on a first-name-basis (and getting to work with you in a real and heartfelt way) is a JOY!    

My finances are a bit tight but I know I need to do this. Do you offer any payment plans?

YES!  There are 3 payment options available.  We offer a significant discount to those who pay at once, as it is the easiest option for us on the administrative side, so we choose to pass along our savings to you!  

All-at-Once: $1999 (save $400!)

2-Month Payment Plan: $1050 each month (Save $300!)

4-Month Payment Plan: $599 per month (Full-Price)

How much time will I want to set aside each week for the bootcamp?

On average, participants who do the program in 8 weeks will invest about 4-5 hours a week in their bootcamp intensive -- about 2 hours for the on-demand class and then about 3 hours for the 2 coaching calls. 

That said, LOTS of flexibility is built into the program allowing you to work much of it around your existing schedule. We do that by giving each participant 16 weeks within which to complete their 8-week program.

That means that for those with more demanding work schedules (or who may need more time for internal processing due to the richness of the content and the exercises), you have the flexibility to spread out each week's content over the time frame that will best work for you.  

Graduates regularly report beautiful, organic, and exciting changes in their lives either way, whether they complete their program in 8 weeks or stretch it out over a longer period. 

How do I know that this is a real thing and not just some gimmick?  

Most women aren't worried about this, as they've been following Molly's social media content and cartoons for some time (so they know she's a real person with a big heart for helping others).  Still others come to the program because a friend completed it and gave them raving reviews!  

That said, if you're new here, a little bit of anxiety is totally understandable. There is so much crap out on the internet (uuuugh), so we get that this can be an understandable concern. We want to reassure you that our program is totally LEGIT and CREDIBLE...however, those are just words -- and you can't know for sure until you hop in and experience it for yourself, right?  

To help alleviate concerns, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee to all who join the bootcamp. This means you can try the first week without feeling like it's a big risk!   

We offer this guarantee with confidence and healthy pride in the quality of our offering.  We know that you'll soon experience it yourself first-hand, but, until then, if you decide you don't like the class, you'll pay only for that first week and have the rest of your payment refunded with no questions asked.

Yeah, well, I've tried everything and nothing has worked for me.  How do I know that your program will be any different? 

This is a very common concern from applicants, many of whom are counselors, physicians, teachers, or other helping professionals who often feel like they "should already know this stuff."  They've perhaps read books, taken a class, or even taught a boundaries class themselves, but have yet to experience any real or lasting change in their own life.

Many understandably feel a bit hopeless, wondering, "Are boundaries even possible for someone like me?"  

Well, that's where we come in.  Because what we do is different...and we think that's why it's so wildly successful. 

Many other books, programs, and methods offer head-knowledge about boundaries (a teaching-style that certainly has it's place -- and we're thankful for them and the good work they do). But we offer something different, a framework designed specifically for compassionate-hearted people (just like you and me) who are ready for something that goes deeper.  

Molly's creative heart-centered teachings, alongside the unique paradigm-shifting exercises and strong visual approach, seem to have a magical way of diving down, stretching beyond the thinking mind and moving into the deeper places of the brain (gently-but-powerfully dislodging old patterns, toxic beliefs, and unboundaried "rules" as they create space for the new). 

This is a uniquely inside-out approach, offering hands-on guidance within a supportive intimate women's circle.  The synergy is palpable!

If that sounds like what you've been looking for, then good news.  You're in the right place. 


Okay, cool!  I wanna do it!  Do I still have to to book an application call or can I just sign up right now?

YAAAAY!  It sounds like you'll probably be a wonderful fit!  And...we still want to take the time to make sure of that.

As a specialized and highly targeted program, this bootcamp is not designed for just anybody.  That's one of the reasons it gets such powerful results!  Molly believes in taking the time to first get to know you better, making sure you will be a lovely fit (at no cost to you).    

Our commitment to quality and right-fit helps to create a synergistically powerful experience for all program participants (and is one reason why our little community is so magical).

In other words, when we accept your application for membership, we do so because we feel fully confident you are a wonderful fit.  So let's get that call booked already so we can get this party started!  

YES!!!!! When does the next bootcamp start???

Break out the confetti, my friend, because your start date could be right now! 

Thanks to our rolling start date, you can get started as soon as you get accepted (or anytime in the next few weeks)!  The only thing left to do is your application call with Molly, so let's get you booked!   

Our call calendar below will open up to all the available times/dates to chat so that you can pick an application call time that works best for you.

AAAAAAH!  We can't wait to meet you!  Let's goooooo!


are you ready?

Yes, Let's Talk!