I help compassionate
people set healthy boundaries with clarity, confidence,
and ease 

Without boundaries, compassionate people (helpers-givers-fixers, empaths, and loyal lovers) tend to:

  • feel guilty when we try to say no
  • get taken advantage of (again and again)
  • find ourselves stuck in one-sided, hurtful, or toxic relationships
  • and/or suffer with resentment or exhaustionfrom all of the above (uuuuugh).  

Sometimes called "codependent" or "people-pleasers," I believe our actual problem is simple. 

The real problem is all about boundaries...  As in, what boundaries? 

Most of us have no idea where we start and stop (or where others begin).  No wonder we're totally confused about what and where the boundaries are (much less how to set them)!


Thankfully, there is a solution, and I say it's found in a completely different way of approaching boundaries.  This new way has changed everything for me and hundreds (and hundreds!) of my clients -- bringing significant increases in joy and emotional wellbeing, happier relationships (partner, family, friends, and workplace), sparkling self-worth -- even more physical energy!

To me, the answer is all about becoming boundaried, a way of living that is empowered from within, organically catalyzing rich personal growth.   

My clients excitedly note improvements in their self-love and self-compassion.  Enjoying healthier connections with loved ones, they also discover how to detangle from toxic relationships (and/or recover from abusive ones).  Far from being impossible, this beautiful way is actually practical, doable, and within reach! 

Which means the question is simple.  Are you ready? 

my BEAUTIFUL solution

In the 8-Step Bootcamp, we dive deep into the heart of Becoming Boundaried as a Way of Life. Working together (live!), the richly supportive bootcamp experience is FILLED with tectonic-plate level teachings, practical tools, and nurturing guidance.  This heart-centered program is designed for serious participants ready for rich personal growth (and the reviews are off the charts)!!!  With 3 different bootcamp packages to choose from, you can select the pricing plan, pacing, and intensity level that best fits your needs!

In my 101 Boundaries Class, students discover how to say goodbye to boundary confusion for good!  Finally, an online class that brings my inside-out and practical approach to boundaries right to you. With these 7 eye-opening creative lessons, you'll discover exactly what your innate boundaries are and receive tools you can put to immediate use in your life and relationships.  Ready to dive into my signature approach (and put these powerful tools to use in your life)?  Plus, it's currently on SALE! 

2 fun WAys to work with Me

With a passion for empowering helpers, givers, empaths, and compassionate-hearted people, I have a unique perspective on boundaries.  Though I'm now a popular boundaries expert, creator, and cartoonist (who accidentally created a large social media following with my beloved boundary cartoons, lol)...it wasn't always this way! 

My creative, honor-based, connective framework comes from both my professional background as a psychotherapist as well as from a deeply personal place. Not only has my inside-out approach to boundaries changed my own life in beautiful and tender ways, but hundreds (and huuundreds!) of others now say the same.  

Using my heart-based methods, my clients find that they begin setting (and keeping!) boundaries naturally, in ways that feel loving and authentic. In my opinion, the secret to catalyzing such powerful organic transformations is found in the one place most of us never thought to look.  Within.

I believe we already have healthy boundaries inside of us.   Most of us just need a little help figuring out how to get there.  It's my joy and honor to show you the way.  


hi, I'm Molly davis

Founder and CEO of Boundaried Coaching

Would you like to know more about your unique boundaries style so that you can set better boundaries in your life?

We all know it's not easy being a compassionate person when we aren't sure where (or what!) the boundaries are...much less how to use boundaries without feeling selfish or mean (ugh).

That's why my team and I have created a Personal Boundaries Style Quiz, which includes a gorgeous gift package packed with free help!  When you take this short quiz, you'll receive:

A Personalized Report with important information about your unique style, your strengths, and your style-specific challenges,

A Series of Hand-Drawn Cartoons with Key Tips specific to your style (and, WOW, these tips have helped me sooo much over the years!), pluuuuus,

One free ticket to my powerful myth-busting class, The Compassionate Heart's Guide to Better Boundaries: How to Not Feel Like a Jerk for Having Basic Human Needs!  

Ready to enjoy this gift basket full of free boundaries resources?  Your 2-minute quiz is where it starts -->

oooh, free boundaries resources!

my Bootcamp Graduates Say:

- Bree

"I struggle with a lot of relational fear and am navigating through CPTSD.  This course was the most impactful learning I've ever had.  Learning what I could set boundaries around was life-changing for me...

I found this course a safe space to begin relating in a new way.  Molly brings a generous amount of compassion and acceptance that it feels genuinely learning, not pathologizing. 

I wholeheartedly recommend her course." 

- Dina

"I have just finished the Beautifully Boundaried Bootcamp with Molly Davis and I can safely say that this has been one of the most powerful decisions I have made throughout my whole life...

I have done a lot of work in this area before, but never have I ever been given such an informative practical approach that best fits in each and every situation.

I guess the trick about this is that, during the bootcamp, you get the chance to go deep into yourself, have a better understanding of your own core and, hence, sort of have a downloaded software program that keeps signaling you when there is something wrong that needs your attention..." 

- Jillian

"I'm nearing the end of the 8-week Boundaried Bootcamp. And all I can say is WOW!!! It is life-changing stuff.

I'm already a master-level certified coach, a trainer, a certified Daring Way facilitator with Brene Brown's organization.... and someone who has been doing my inner work for more than a decade. 

Yet, this course was still a huge game-changer for me...

If you're hesitating, all I can say is DO IT - even if you have to hold a yard sale to pay for it. Sooooo good.

- Therese

"Molly...you have put together this marvelous affirming group of teachings... 

The love and respect and honor you teach us to notice and use within ourselves -- stems from your first talking about these things, offering them from you to us. 

You, Molly, have offered (love) to us
-- at so many times and in so many ways you have talked to us about our sweet selves, strengthening ourselves in the beautiful boundaried core, evolving into the selves we have always been

You as our coach have loved us and loved us and loved us until we can't help but start loving ourselves, and walking a little taller and more mindfully and reverently." 

- Kristi

"Molly has a gift of translating what it means to have healthy boundaries in such a magical way that it moves from an intellectual understanding in your head to an emotional understanding in your heart.

This program has helped me move this knowledge from conceptualization to actualization. Through the easy-to-use teaching platform and the exceptionally rich educational content, Molly presents Boundaries in such a way that an internal lightbulb goes on and the true understanding of what it means to be beautifully boundaried is illuminated within.

I could actually feel this light inside of me turn on and begin to burn brighter and stronger with each progressive week in the program. " 

- Athena

"Best decision I ever made.

I have been trying to find the right words for this review. Truthfully, there aren't any good enough.

The Boundaried Bootcamp is life changing

Molly is incredible, compassionate, wise and kind.

Truly a blessing to have done this amazing bootcamp


What's your primary boundaries style? 
My 8-question quiz for compassionate folks will help you find out!

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