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Leaving a toxic relationship is a big (brave) step, but, as many survivors know, it's just the beginning.  Why?  Because often the toxic, abusive, and hurtful behaviors, words, and actions have gotten inside of our heads, causing lingering damage to our self-worth, self-confidence, and self-respect (the very things we so desperately need in order to pick up the pieces and rebuild).  

Complicating things even further, we've usually spent months, years, or even decades developing habits that helped us survive the toxic relationship -- like shrinking down, silencing our voice, walking on eggshells and not rocking the boat (in order to keep the peace).  So, yeah, we finally got out of the toxic relationship.  Now we need some help getting the toxic relationship out of us.  

The good news is that there is a way.  You are not alone, my friend, and recovery is possible.  Wanna know how?  Well, that's exactly what this live workshop is all about.  




At the Toxic Relationship Recovery Workshop, you will: 

  • Discover 5 Key Red Flags that indicate toxic relationship dynamics (from a unique boundaries perspective, of course!)
  • Experience the use of a beautiful Self-Compassion Journaling Tool, a surprisingly powerful activity that can lend gifts of encouragement, reassurance, and hope.  
  • Receive my 3-Fold Field Guide for Toxic Relationship Recovery as I lead you through the exact steps my clients have used to catalyze their recovery process (and naturally toxic-proof their future).  You can begin using these steps immediately! 
  • Plus, enjoy up to a full additional hour of bonus Q & A with me (Molly) after the workshop is over.  That's up to 3 full hours of focused time together!  

Seats are only $99 each.  Space is limited to 20 attendees per workshop, so save your seat below (before they're gone)! 

June's Live Workshop Theme: Toxic Relationship Recovery 

A toxic relationship can be defined as any relationship involving toxic, dysfunctional, or harmful dynamics experienced as destructive, abusive, or damaging to one's self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, or self-identity. Toxic relationships may occur with a dating/romantic partner, spouse, family member, friend, boss, leader, workplace bully or workplace environment, family of origin, abusive faith/spiritual community, etc.

A Boundary-Centered Approach (2 Hours + Live Q&A after) 
Designed for the unique experience and needs of helpers, givers, empaths, and compassionate people*

Upcoming Times/Dates: 
Tuesday, June 20th, 1pm Eastern (USA)
Friday, June 23rd, 1pm Eastern (USA)
Tuesday, June 27th, 7pm Eastern (USA)

"Whew, I finally made it out of the toxic relationship! Ummmm...Now what?" 

YES, I wanna come to thIS Workshop with Molly!

What will you need for the workshop? 

1. Your laptop, phone, computer, or whatever it is you like to use Zoom on and a quiet/private place to meet.  

2. Please plan to have your camera on so that we can all see each other. This is a video-on workshop (unless you are driving, of course), as there may be some personal sharing happening (and everybody being visible helps us co-create a safe space for personal reflections).   

3. Have a notebook and pen (or markers) handy. We'll be doing some fun art / journaling exercises together to help us explore this topic more deeply (plus, you'll probably want to take some notes).  

4. It's important to note that while my workshops always involve laughter and fun, they're also full of depth. We are gonna get real about this stuff, which means you may have some emotionally painful feelings brought up as a result of the subject matter.*  Have a tissue nearby in case a tear or two needs to be shed (and there's no shame in that, if so). 

5. What time will your workshop be for wherever you are on the globe? Please use a time-zone converter like this one (click here) or a similar aid to help you figure out what time the workshop will be based on your location (and don't forget to add it to your calendar once you do). Ready to learn and grow together? Sign up below to purchase and reserve your seat!  

Please note: if you do not have basic grounding or emotional regulation skills, this is not a workshop for you. 

Safety Caveat: If you are currently in a toxic relationship and attendance at this workshop could cause a safety issue for you, then this workshop is not for you. 

*Please see additional information and caveats at the bottom of this page.  

  *Read on below for important workshop details:

Choose the time and date below that works best for your schedule and then click on the button to purchase your seat.*
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June 20th at 1pm Eastern (US)

June 23rd at 1pm Eastern (US)

June 27th at 7pm Eastern (US)

Blushing reviews from previous workshops:

“I learned so much it was exciting! ….I'm a very artistic person and I've always learned better through drawings. …I was so excited to show my work to my husband as soon as I was satisfied and explained everything I learned. His reaction to my drawings helped me realize how personal and deep this all was for me.”  -  A


"After taking Molly’s workshop I had an epiphany from hearing and understanding things that I knew and felt were real but did not have the language to explain what was going on. Molly is the boundaries angel every highly empathetic person would be graced with learning from. I feel a sense of hope from not only hearing her own experience as an empath and explaining what she has done to become boundaried but also seeing her exuding a sense of empowerment and feeling completely at ease in it. Her enthusiasm, compassion and sense of humor also keep the class fun and interesting even while going through the work that might feel emotionally heavy or uncomfortable."  - J

“I felt that there is hope for me to change and have a more meaningful life and to be who i truly am - beautiful inside/outside… I’m a valuable work of art that needs to be looked after well.”  - S

"I found the workshop provided me with a lovely balance between finding areas that still strike a nerve with me and positive affirmation that I have worked through a lot. …I love your spirit and your style. Thank you for sharing it so openly!”  - D

"...Your passion for Boundaries is undeniable. It's a gift that you not only share the knowledge but do so in a cohesive and relatable way. At the heart of it, you're helping people learn not just how to love but to love well, which is each of our greatest calling.  ...I will start with my favorite part. For me it was you! Your desire to genuinely want people to have their "ah ha" moment. With the energy brought one can't help but to match it and when dealing with such tender topics that is not easy to navigate, yet, you do it so effortlessly."   - L 

"...I enjoyed the whole workshop, but if I had to pick favorites, content-wise it would absolutely be the reframing of codependency and becoming aware of my body's specific reactions and how they relate to the big picture, and beyond content, your facilitation/teaching. I continue to really enjoy your presence /attitude/ humor /positivity /silliness, so the workshop didn't feel heavy to me throughout most of it. (My feelings did catch up to me at the end when we were finishing, though, so that was a surprise.) I also really, really appreciated the Q&A at the end, and that you made time for that despite going over time. For me, that feels really "honoring" and more relational, less like the traditional top-down "filling the vessel" approach to teaching..." - O  

Toxic Relationship Recovery : Purchase Your Workshop Seat Now

*Important Information and Caveats for All Workshop Attendees:

Though Molly is also a counselor, this workshop is an educational class in an online group setting, as are all of Molly's educational offerings.  This workshop is NOT individualized counseling nor does it constitute a counseling relationship. Your attendance signifies that you understand that Molly will be leading this workshop as an educator-guide and that you will not be provided with individualized counseling (as can only be done through a contracted counseling relationship), nor can your confidentiality be assured should you choose to share anything personal during the class. We ask that all participants protect the privacy of those who attend the class, but we cannot guarantee it due to the nature of an online classroom setting.

Additionally, Molly may record part of this meeting and may use that recording in part or whole in a future workshop or training. Please note: only Molly's face will be recorded, however, should you speak, your name and voice may be included in the recording. Your participation in this meeting indicates you are aware that the class may be recorded.  Recordings of the workshop will not be made available to the participants.  Your purchase is for a seat in the live workshop only, not for a recorded copy.  

This class is offered and led by Molly with the assumption that all in attendance have emotional regulation skills to be able to navigate potentially triggering subject matter and handle any big emotions that arise in ways that are safe.  If you are not mentally stable at this time or do not yet have emotional regulation skills allowing you to engage with potentially sensitive subject matter, this workshop is not for you.  

Please note that this is NOT a class appropriate for someone who is currently in a violent or unsafe relationship, such as if you are not safe to take a class like this without serious risk of harm should your partner find out.  If you are in a relationship that is violent or threatens your safety, please consult with a domestic violence professional (such as might be found through a domestic violence shelter or an online domestic violence hotline) for individualized advice related to your specific context and situation.  Something like this workshop will be helpful later on, in the future, but the first priority is getting you to safety. In the US, you can call the National Domestic VIolence Hotline anytime, 24/7, at 1-800-799-7233

This is a video-on workshop in which participants are expected to have their video turned on (unless that's not possible). This is because there will be some (optional) participant sharing here and there, which can be a bit personal in nature.  It doesn't feel safe to have open conversation when one isn't sure who is in attendance (due to video being turned off). 

This class is also being offered and led by Molly with the expectation that all who attend will behave respectfully to everyone who attends. This means following the group rules that are presented at the beginning of the workshop, as well as not engaging in speech that dishonors any attendees or the workshop presenter.  Any participants who are unable to behave respectfully will be removed from the meeting and not allowed to return, nor will they receive a refund. 

Your workshop purchase is non-refundable as there is limited seating available.  If you purchase a seat in the workshop but then do not attend the live workshop for any reason, you understand that you will not be offered a refund.   Each purchase is for one seat and may not be shared with anyone else.   

It is 100% the responsibility of all workshop attendees to ensure that they arrive on to the workshop on time (and on the right date/time).  Latecomers will not be admitted once the workshop has begun.  It is your responsibility to calculate what the correct time and date will be for your spot on the globe and plan accordingly. 

Your purchase indicates that you have read this agreement and understand the limits and requirements set forth.